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About us

Much can be said about us, but one of the most relevant things is that we are a brigade at the service and defense of a common place for the enjoyment and celebration of life. Our view of the world is based on making people happy through good food and drink. We are guided by a single star; your desire to embrace the world, which is part of our identity.

Everything we do comes from the gut and the heart, that's why a Tavern, that's why we want you to continue fueling your desire to share and defend joy as a bastion. In our name, you can find yourself and our philosophy.

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Our history

We want to write our story with you. We are three life enthusiasts united by culture and the art of sharing what the earth gives us. That is our past, and it continues to be our present.

We are united by a revolutionary feeling; loyalty and exaltation for friendship, for the simplest and most popular bites... We are united by the pleasure of telling stories accompanied by a good dish, a good drink. Stories that we've discovered taste better with music, with poetry, with that ingredient we can't quite identify but is essential... And now, in our tavern, we know that the essential ingredient is you.

We don't want to talk about our vision, but about our perspective and our way of being in the world. We want to celebrate the fact that in our Tavern, we can come together.

Vision, after forty, is affected by presbyopia, so we decided to keep a long gaze set on the horizon.

Our vision




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